Not so long ago there was just one place to register your domain name. One place and one price. Now there are hundreds of domain name registration services, at prices that range from $35 a year down to $12 a year. Similarly there are hundreds of hosting service providers, where monthly prices range over an even broader spectrum. Clients are adviced to select one that is not only inexpensive but easy to work with and reliable. Goyal Infotech routinely takes care of domain name registration and hosting registration for clients using our preferred service. Domains are reserved and managed for clients using domain name service providers of the client's choice

image Some features/ functionalites of domain name service providers and hosting service providers are put below for reference. Note that Goyal Infotech does not pursue domain name services as a core company focus, but provides these as value added solutions to clients as an end-to-end solution provider in the website design, web development and online business web software development domain.

  • Domain name registration
  • Domain hosting
  • Private domain name registration
  • Domain transfer
  • Domain locking
  • Domain forwarding
  • Low cost domain name registration
  • Instant Traffics
  • Domain masking and
  • Domain name locking services.

Private domain registration provide additional functionalities to stop domain-related spam, end data mining, deter identity theft, prevent harassers & stalkers and protect the domain owner's family

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