Goyal infotech provides the most effective in-class, versatile and ascendible Dedicated Servers to shoppers trying to find un-restricted, secure and freelance access to manage your net infrastructure.

Unlike traditional hosting plans, that place several customers' accounts on one server, an obsessive server is reserved solely for the account and usage of one client. this implies that the dedicated server client has exclusive rights to their server's information measure, memory, and cupboard space, and performance isn't littered with traffic and also the usage patterns of alternative customer's.

When you purchase an obsessive server, you're truly leasing a server box that's organized and originated consistent with your preferences, however remains at our information center. an obsessive server account provides you with an obsessive scientific discipline address and full management of server usage and package installation, with admin (root) access to the server.

Dedicated servers square measure notably helpful for corporations and people UN agency run very-high-traffic websites or applications and UN agency want the information measure, skillfulness, and consistent performance of an obsessive box

Dedicated Server

Starts from 8999/-* onwards

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